My wife bought her son a pw50 brand new back in 2012, I don’t not know how it has been maintained because we’ve only been married 4 years and he outgrew it a little before we got married.

2 cycle will run regardless of direction due to no valves.

Sit on bike. Hope this helps, if not I'd suggest finding someone with a PW and switching CDI and the other "little black box" to see if they are faulty.

You could disconnect the start/ run swith like already.

It is built into the exhaust gasket.

. Also, if you disconnect the connector, you can start it in run and run it in start. I'm new to the pw game and I got this little bike for free not running.


. Duck walk while sitting on the bike. Pw50 has had about 4 tanks max.

Crf50 $2000. The back wheel turn easily by hand so its not the brake sticking.

If that does not fix it, then perhaps the CDI unit.

If this bike has moved from a different area it might need different.

Have put in a new switch block and throttle and choke cables. Next Morning Starts Right Up.

If the connector gets wet, the bike wont run. If it does then remove the carb n check the floats n fuel valve.


SOURCE: Pw50 starts first time everytime but will not. Not a common issue, but you never know what might happen. Customer: My sons Yamaha pw 50 cuts out (it dies completeley)when I turn the switch on his throttle from start to run.

Has a few scratches on the front guard otherwise vgc. You also won't need to put it in to start to start it. SOURCE: Pw50 starts first time everytime but will not. China PW50 Miniky carby (Mikuni copy) To adjust it properly, turn the screw in all the way till it only just start's to get tight, now back it back out 1. Clean carb well.


. And every PW50 that I see being started has a tire off the ground.

That style carb is very easy, I’d start by removing the fuel bowl and blowing out the jets with a can a brake kleen (green can, flammable variety).

All going well, done the top end, new bearings and plastics etc.

Double check the ground terminals in the wiring loom and coil.

Yes the PW 50 has an exhaust restriction washer.